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Better, faster, and less expensive than any other option.

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Trusted by small business owners, well-paid professionals, and corporate marketing departments.

Superpowers with HumanAI

Our combo of AI and Humans are unstoppable.

Brainstorm faster

Forget trying to plan a campaign, we automatically plan your entire campaign.

End to end solution

One service to plan, write, and implement your campaign, that understands your business.

Get results faster

Your entire campaign can be created, written, and approved with speed.

Consistent voice

Your entire campaign, from social, blogs, or email, will all have the same voice.

Rewrite easily

We combine our human intuition with our AI. You're in control every step of the way.

Publish automatically

Once approved, your social posts are automatically shared when scheduled.

How To

Your Human Mind, Our AI

We combine human intuition with our proprietary AI.

Get setup with an actual human

We work with you directly when onboarding to give you a world class experience and make sure our AI understands your business, almost as much as you.

  • Quick and easy process.
  • Learn details about your business.
  • Learn your voice and personality.

Make your campaigns

Our humans & AI take your direction to make an entire campaign plan based on your needs. The end result is a plan tailor made for you.

  • Plans all social posts, blogs, and emails.
  • Understands your goals and desires.
  • Tweak anything you want, easily.

Generate quality content

Our humans & AI write all of the content for your campaign plan.

  • Everything has the same voice.
  • Easily tweak any of the content.
  • Include discount codes, emojis, or links.

Approve and post on autopilot

You approve all of the created content and it's automatically posted on the scheduled date.

  • Multiple social network accounts.
  • Share with other team members for approval.
  • Have mulitple campaigns running at once.
Biggest Benefits

Free Your Time & Get Results

Our humans & AI work end-to-end to plan your campaign.

Your One-Stop Service

We plan your campaign, write the content, and post on your behalf.

Do The Impossible

Accomplish what would take hours or days in a few minutes on a call.

Plan Generation

Using your goals and business details, we automatically plan everything.

Blog Post & Articles

Amazing, relevant blog posts are automatically generated.

Customized Emails

Email your existing email list with campaign specific emails.

Social Media Posts

We write different social media posts for each different social network.


One Simple Price

Just like using our service, our pricing is simple.